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Key-fob or new keys being issued? Know your rights!

Here are four things to keep in mind when dealing with the issuance of new keys or key fobs:

1.)  You can request that keys be issued on site at the building -or- at a mutually agreed upon site.

If the landlord (LL) states that keys will only be issued during the day Mon-Fri (a time which would clearly be difficult for 9-5 workers to make) you should talk to your neighbors and confront the LL about this.  Explain to your LL that the law states that they must issue keys at a time and place that is reasonable and convenient for all tenants.

2.)  If the LL is asking for 4-5 pieces of documentation to be shown in order to receive a key, this is an excessive interpretation of New York State’s Div of Housing and Community Renewal’s (HCR) standard which states that “appropriate proof of ID” is required.

You can insist that less documentation is appropriate and that it is all that you will be providing.  However, keep in mind that the “appropriate proof of ID” you provide should demonstrate that you are a “lawful occupant” of the apartment.

3.) Additionally, HCR plainly states that a LL is not allowed to make copies of your documentation for the issuance of keys.  They are also not allowed to collect your SSN number for these purposes.

A landlord is simply allowed to verify that you are a “lawful occupant” through your “appropriate proof of ID.”  They then are allowed to take your picture and note your name and address for their records.

4.)  A landlord is also required to issue keys to more than just the leaseholder.

In any instance where a “lawful occupant” other that the leaseholder needs to be issued keys, the lease holder should notify the LL in advance that the “lawful occupant” lives in the apartment and will be coming by for a key.


If you are a “lawful occupant” with “appropriate proof of ID” –and– the leaseholder has notified the LL, the LL should issue you a key.  Family members and roommates are considered “lawful occupant(s)” by HCR.



If you have other questions or need additional advice, please feel free to reach out to the Cooper Square Committee at 212-228-8210 –or–