Our Programs and Services

Tenant Organizing and Counseling

Our Housing Staff advises tenants on questions they bring to us on how to fight evictions, harrassment rent overcharges and preferential rents. We guide people how to sublet legally, get repairs, handle lease renewals, and much more.

We organize tenants to fight evictions based on landlords’ false claims that they plan to live in the building themselves or demolish it. Our staff can inspect your building cellar to roof.

Social Services

We assist income-eligible residents in applying for income support, health care, and housing entitlements so a diverse population can remain in the community.

Neighborhood Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (N-NORC)

We assist area seniors through our Neighborhood NORC programs (Naturally Occurring Retirement Community) which focus on providing social activities and connections to social services that the elder population may need. We coordinate wellness workshops and health services, social gatherings and celebrations, and connect seniors to local resources.

Greening and Development

We partner with non-profits to develop and preserve affordable housing and cultural spaces. In our work with the Mutual Housing Association, we are greening multifamily housing. In our facade and streetscape improvements projects, we are working with the Fourth Arts Block to improve East 4th Street.

Small Business Organizing and Support

We build community and support for small businesses in the Lower East Side and East Village. Working closely with local merchant associations and other independent businesses, we organize periodic merchant meet ups, share information and resources, collaborate on neighborhood marketing and events, and bring business services such as free and confidential commercial lease assistance directly to local commercial tenants. We also advocate for policy changes through a citywide coalition.

Studio One: A Multicultural Arts Space

In Unit 3W of our building on E 4th Street, we host rotating art exhibitions and free arts classes.