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Steve Herrick
Executive Director
E-mail: Steveh <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext. 1

Daniel Weinberg
Operations Manager
(also Intake Coordinator; all new clients should contact Daniel who will assign your case)
E-mail: Danielw <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext. 101
Fax: 646-602-2260
>> habla español, fala português

Christian Valerio
Housing Specialist
E-mail: Christianv <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext. 2
Schedule: Tues, Weds, and Thurs, from 12pm-6pm.
Horário: Martes, Mié, y Jué, de 12pm-6pm.
>> habla español

Brandon Kielbasa
Director of Organizing and Policy
E-mail: Bkielbasa <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext. 4

Alex Lee
Resiliency Coordinator & Housing Organizer
E-mail: alexl <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext. 3
Fax: 646-602-2260

Abigail Ellman
Director of Planning and Development
E-mail: abigaile <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext. 115
Fax: 646-602-2260

Yonatan Tadele
Housing Organizer
Email: yonatant <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext 6
Fax: 646-602-2260

Liam Reilly
Housing Organizer
Email: liamr <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext 104
Fax: 646-602-2260

Jodie Leidecker
Housing Organizer
Email: jodiel <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext 116
Fax: 646-602-2260

Harriet Putterman
Housing Organizer
Email: harrietp <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext 112
Fax: 646-602-2260

Carmen Perez
Director, Neighborhood NORC Program
Email: carmenp <at>
Telephone: 212-228-8210, ext 8
Fax: 646-602-2260

Michael Maddalena, Bookkeeper, michaelm <at>
These three are available by phone at 212-228-8210, ext 111

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