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Bedbug Treatment – from a contractor

Fact sheet from Manhattan Legal Services and Pestaway

Pestaway Bed Bug Treatment Preparation List

Because this is a second attempt at treatment, you may have already completed step one (covering your mattress and pillows). Therefore, please alter your preparation accordingly. To ensure success in solving your bed bug problem, it is crucial that you complete all the steps on this list.

ITEMS NEEDED (available at front desk)

  1. Very sturdy garbage bags (clear or black are fine).
  2. Pest Away-approved, zipper-lock, polyester, double knit, stretch material mattress covers.
  3. Pest Away-approved zippered pillow covers.
  4. Powerful canister vacuum with bags.
  5. Steri-Fab.
  6. PackTite “cooker” to treat items that cannot be washed or sprayed.


Remove all bed linens and put on mattress and pillow covers. It is recommended that these covers be left on permanently.

Step Two

1. All clothing and personal items must be put in garbage bags and sealed tightly.

Garbage bags are available at the front desk.

2. Items can be cleaned/treated either before they are sealed in bags or after the exterminator comes, but it must be done before items are removed from bags and put away.

3. Washable items MUST be washed and placed in dryer. You should drop your laundry off for wash/fold service and then submit the ticket to the front desk for payment before you pick it up. The hotel expects to pay up to $25 per tenant for laundry and dry cleaning. For reimbursement requests above this amount, please call Roz Black of Manhattan Legal Services at 646-442-3134 so that she can discuss it with the hotel’s lawyer.

4. Items that cannot be washed and put in dryer should be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning tickets should also be submitted at the front desk for payment.

S. Items that cannot be washed or dry cleaned such as shoes, suitcases, bags, etc. should first be vacuumed and then sprayed with Steri-Fab. Vacuums and Steri-Fab will be available at the desk.

6. Bagged and treated items should be removed from your room and stored in designated rooms on each floor.

7. Once these items are bagged and treated DO NOT unpack them until you receive the okay from Pest Away.


Step Three

All books and papers should be sealed in bags and kept there for 8 months. For a limited amount of items that are needed sooner, the hotel will have available a PackTite, which is a suitcase-sized “cooker” that is used to heat items up to kill bedbugs. Each tenant will be allowed to put one bankers box (12 x 10 x 15) full of items in the PackTite. These items could alternatively be vacuumed and sprayed with Sterifab, but the spray may damage them.

Step Four

Loosen electrical plates on all sockets in the room to be treated so that exterminator can properly treat these key areas where bed bugs love to nest.

Step Five

Vacuum all of the cracks and crevices of the room as close to the exterminator visit as possible. Vacuums are at the front desk.


1. You must vacuum EVERY DAY for a minimum of three to four weeks. Areas to vacuum include floors, headboards, baseboards and every conceivable crack and crevice in the room. The goal is to extract bed bugs and newly hatched bugs from these areas. THE VACUUM BAG MUST BE TAKEN OUT OF THE VACUUM, PLACED IN A PLASTIC BAG AND DISCARDED EACH TIME YOU STOP VACUUMING FOR 30 MINUTES OR MORE!

  1. You should sleep in the bed a minimum of 4 nights a week to draw out bugs.
  2. Everything should be kept packed up until okayed by Pestaway.


  1. Necessary preparation items to be at desk by Thursday, June 17.
  2. Tenants to pack up personal items and do preparations by treatment day which varies by floor.
  3. Exterminator to treat 4th & 5th Floors on July 1 (Round One).
  4. Exterminator to treat 2nd & 3rd Floors on July 2 (Round One).
  5. Exterminator to treat 4th & 5th Floors on July 22 (Round Two)
  6. Exterminator to treat 2nd & 3rd Floors on July 23 (Round Two).

If you cannot be home on the treatment days, you must leave your room key with another tenant or the hotel desk.

You and any cats will need to be out of your room for several hours on treatment days which includes the treatment time and time for the chemicals to dry and odors to dissipate.