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How to Apply for Food Stamps, Medicaid, and Health Insurance

How to Apply for Food Stamps:

To apply online for Food Stamps, click the link here:



Church Based Food Resources:

In addition to accessing Food Stamps, low income people residing on the Lower East Side can access free lunches in order to supplement their nutritional needs.

www.safhnyc.org – Trinity’s Services and Food for the Homeless (SAFH) is a non-profit organization connected to Trinity Lutheran Church’s Parish.  It is located at East 9th St. and Avenue B, and provides lunch to anyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or age at 11 am Monday through Friday.  No ID is required, and they do not prosyletize.

SAFH also operates a food pantry at 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  Proof of household size is required so that they can provide each household with the appropriate amount of food.

Grafitti Church provides brown bag lunches to people every Saturday in Tompkins Square Park, at E. 7th St. and Avenue B.


Medicaid and other Health Insurance Programs:

To apply for Child Health Plus, Family Health Plus, Medicaid and the Family Planning Benefit Program, click the link below:


Based upon the information you provide, you will be told which program you and/or your children are eligible for. You can use ACCESS NY Public Health Insurance Eligibility Screening Tool to see which public health insurance programs you and your family may be eligible for.

A Complete Guide to Health Care Coverage for Older New Yorkers 2014: