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Are you being overcharged? Get your Rent History!

Especially when there is uncertainty as to RS status, both you and all of your neighbors should get your “Rent History” from DHCR. Every building that IS or ever WAS RS has one, aside from exceedingly rare instances where the landlord never reported anything. This will help us determine whether or not your apartment should be RS, and if so, the approximate legal rent. It’s not entirely self-explanatory; we can help you interpret it.
On your own, you can review the history: Landlords typically won’t file apartment rent history after it goes market-rate. So if your apartment’s history suddenly stops and the apartment’s rent was UNDER $2,700 before that time (or whatever the de-regulation limit was at that time), there is a could chance your apartment should not have been de-stabilized. De-regulation limits are $2,700 on or after June 15, 2015, $2,500 on or after June 24, 2011 or $2,000 before June 24, 2011. Remember, even if you pay a relatively high rent, rent-stabilization offers a host of other protections, including a limit on how much your rent can be raised every year, and the requirement for your landlord to offer you a lease renewal!

We are very happy to help you interpret the Rent History and sort out the legality of your rent, If you would like assistance, gather these docs: (a) above mentioned Rent History, (b) last 4 leases + any proposed lease renewal that one hasn’t sent back to the LL yet, and (c) Our intake form, and call or email us to set up an appointment.