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Help Save the Rent Laws! Rally March 21st!

The Rent Laws for ALL rent-regulated apartments expire in 3 months!  We need Governor Cuomo to protect about 1 million tenant households by renewing and strengthening rent laws, and ending vacancy destabilization.  Come to a Rallly on Monday, March 21st at 4:30 pm in front of Governor Cuomo’s NYC Office at 42nd St. and Park Avenue.  Let’s keep this issue on the front burner!!!

Call Governor Cuomo’s office TODAY at 212-681-4580, and let his office know that you are a rent stabilized tenant, and that renters who helped elect him need his support.  Urge him to stand up to the special interests by renewing our rent laws and repealing vacancy destabilization.

This is the number one priority of the tenants rights movement.   We want the rent laws renewed and strengthened now.  We don’t want to wait until midnight on June 15th, when anything could happen.  If the rent laws expire, your rent could go up to market rate when your lease comes up for renewal.  What will you do if that happens?  Can you afford to pay $2,000 or more per month in rent?  If not, we urge you to call Governor Cuomo’s office, and politely but firmly deliver the message that the rent laws need to be “renewed and strengthened”.  No more deregulation when rents go above $2,000, no more 20% increases in rent stabilized leases upon vacancy, no more permanent MCI increases, no more personal use evictions of an entire building!