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For Immediate Release – Manhattan Tenants File 3 More Lawsuits Against Landlord Samy Mahfar

Pictures from our Mon 4/20 Press Conference @ 61 E 4th St


Press release here:

Samy Mahfar’s tenants at 102 Norfolk, 210 RIvington, and 22 Spring file harassment suit against him today, and demand proper lead mitigation and upholding of rent stabilized tenants’ rights.

In collaboration with the Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center, Caaav: Organizing Asian Communities, NYLPI, the Stand for Tenant Safety Coalition and Stabilizing NYC, and elected officials Margaret Chin, Rosie Méndez, Daniel Squadron, and Gale A. Brewer

Pathways to Affordable Housing Series

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Tenants’ Rights I
Mar 24, 2015 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (EDT)
HOWL! Happening, New York NY – 6 East 3rd Street

Applying for Affordable Housing: Step by Step
Apr 13, 2015 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (EDT)
HOWL! Happening, New York NY

Campaign to Strengthen and Renew Rent Stabilization Laws
Apr 21, 2015 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM (EDT)
HOWL! Happening, New York NY

Tenants’ Rights II
May 19, 2015 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (EDT)
HOWL! Happening, New York NY

Part of the Pathways to Affordable Housing series, in collaboration with The Actors FundFABNYCNocd-NY, and NYC To Be Determined.

The Cooper Square Committee’s Organizing Work & Accomplishments in 2014

Our organizing team was so busy in 2014. We accomplished a ton in this past year… read on about all the ways we’ve been stopping displacement and building community!!

Download the PDF version of this Roundup!Click here to download the PDF version of this Roundup! 

Major Organizing Efforts and Coalitions

  • Through partnering with St. Nick’s alliance and the Urban Justice Center (UJC), Cooper Square Committee (CSC) created a much-needed campaign to reform the Department of Buildings (DOB) in 2014. For well over a year preceding this we had been working with community members to organize and draw attention to the problem of “construction as harassment.” In 2014 we were able to further connect with some of our most steadfast allies (close to 20 organizations) throughout the City to formalize a campaign to reform DOB and work on ending “construction as harassment.” The work we did last year is leading us to a pivotal year in 2015 where we will be looking to create new laws to better support tenants who are dealing with landlords who use the guise of construction to harass.
  • Click on any photo to enlarge. All photos on this page taken by CSC unless otherwise noted.


  • CSC’s organizing department was a lead community-group partner with the NYS Attorney General’s (AG) office in their investigation of the “tenant relocator” Michel Pimienta. The organizing we did and information we provided helped the AG wage a precedent-setting investigation which led to the shuttering of Michel’s operations.  UJC and CAAAV were also partners in this effort.


  • Photo credit: Zach Williams for The Villager

    Press conference at Mahfar building, 210 Rivington. Photo credit: Zach Williams for The Villager

    Led the organizing to help form the Mahfar Tenants Coalition. Both UJC and CAAAV are also involved with the amazing work happening here. This coalition, which includes half a dozen Samy Mahfar (SMA Equities) owned buildings, is fiercely pushing back against this landlord’s attempt to vacate and renovate Lower East Side (LES) buildings en masse. In 2014 the tenants from these buildings called Mahfar to the table, used city agencies and local politicians to step up enforcement in their buildings, and held a powerful press conference in December 2014 after lead contamination was verified to have occurred in their buildings.  The tenants of the Mahfar Tenants Coalition have proven to be some of the strongest fighters we’ve seen in 2014! Read More

CSC closed early Mon, all day Tues

Tuesday 1/26/2015

Due to the storm, Cooper Square Committee will close at 3pm today (Monday), and will be closed all day on Tuesday. We plan to open at 10am on Wednesday.

The tenant clinic of the Metropolitan Council on Housing WILL NOT meet on Tuesday.

FABnyc is also closed on Tuesday.

Travel safely!

Cerramos a las 3pm hoy (lunes), y todo el día el martes. Esperamos abrir a las 10am el miércoles.
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PETITION: Stand with Mahfar Tenants Coalition: Demand Safe, Lead-Free Homes!
YOUTUBE: Rosie Mendez calls out Mahfar agent


For Immediate Release
DECEMBER 10, 2014
PDF Link here (
Contact:           Brandon Kielbasa
(212) 228-8210


Tenants find high lead concentrations in their buildings and speak out against the unsafe construction practices used by LES landlord Samy Mahfar.

WHAT: Press Conference / WHERE: 210 Rivington St. / WHEN: 12:30pm – 1:30pm

mahfar210 Press Conference Banner sm

8-foot banner displayed at press conference – Click to enlarge

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PRESS RELEASE: Lower East Side tenants of Samy Mahfar owned buildings applaud AG investigation into notorious Tenant Relocator


October 29, 2014

Click here for PDF download

CONTACT:   Brandon Kielbasa

Lead Organizer, Cooper Square Committee

(212) 228-8210, ext 4 –

Lower East Side tenants of Samy Mahfar owned buildings applaud AG investigation into notorious Tenant Relocator

Tenants speak out against the extensive use of tenant relocator by LES landlord Samy Mahfar.

October 29, New York — Lower East Side tenants of 102 Norfolk St., 210 Rivington St., 22 Spring St., 143 Ludlow St., and 113 Stanton St. applaud the Attorney General’s investigation into “tenant relocator” Michel Pimienta. On Monday, October 27, 2014, AG Eric Schneiderman reached an agreement censuring his relocation efforts. The agreement requires Pimienta to cease all relocation efforts with his company, Misidor LLC, pay a $40,000 fine, and acquire a real estate broker’s license.

This is a huge victory for tenants familiar with Pimienta’s efforts to push out rent-stabilized tenants so their units could be converted into luxury units. The common denominator between these tenants and Pimienta is LES landlord Samy Mahfar, who employed Pimienta extensively in the buildings he owns.

In addition to employing this unlicensed “tenant relocator” known to use unscrupulous tactics, Mahfar has recently caught the watchful eye of numerous elected officials for demolition work at 102 Norfolk St., exposing tenants there to jaw-dropping levels of toxic lead.  Security staff preventing building access to City inspectors and collapsed ceilings in apartments are just a few of the extreme quality-of-life issues that have become commonplace in Mahfar-owned buildings during construction.

“Prior to the demolition work that began in our building, Michel Pimienta approached me on one of two occasions claiming to be a representative of the City of New York looking to update tenant records.  He misrepresented himself to me in order to obtain sensitive information from me and other tenants.  His actions were misleading, inappropriate, and invasive once we learned how he used this simple informational request obtained from other tenants against them,” said a tenant from 102 Norfolk Street who wished to remain anonymous.

Translated quote from Mr. Lam, Kwan Tai from 22 Spring St. Tenant Association, “This is great news. We welcome the Attorney General’s success with making Michel Pimienta pay a fine and give up his ‘relocation’ business. Being that he is no longer in business to harass us is good for tenants everywhere. People like Pimienta are only working for the profit of the landlord.”

“Affordability continues to be one of the Lower East Side’s greatest challenges — unscrupulous ‘tenant relocators’ are a shameful and illegal part of the affordability picture,” said State Senator Daniel Squadron. “I thank Attorney General Schneiderman for pursuing this investigation, and commend the tenants and the Cooper Square Committee for confronting these unacceptable tactics. I look forward to continuing to work with tenants, advocates, and my elected colleagues to put an end to the pattern of tenant harassment.”

“The fact that Samy Mahfar actually celebrated his use of Michel Pimienta’s ‘invaluable’ relocation services just goes to show why we’re taking action to protect the tenants of 102 Norfolk Street and Mr. Mahfar’s other Lower East Side buildings,” said Council Member Margaret Chin. “I applaud Attorney General Schneiderman’s successful effort to put Mr. Pimienta out of business, and I will continue to work with my elected colleagues, Cooper Square Committee and CAAAV to stop Mr. Mahfar from further endangering the welfare of his tenants.”

The following is a quote from Samy Mahfar on Misidor’s recently-taken-offline website endorsing Pimienta and his success in removing rent-regulated tenants from their homes:


Samy Mahfar,
SMA Equities
It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Pimienta and his company. The experience that his company has brought to our firm has helped us re-position our properties more than we anticipated, and his insight and intuition have been instrumental in our success. Mr. Pimienta is trustworthy and honest, and we have always had a positive experience working with him. I highly recommend his services to people I know in the industry.”Source:
« »

Quote from the Cooper Square Committee, “Samy Mahfar – who, as far as we know, hired and utilized the services of Michel Pimienta more than any other landlord in the Lower East Side – willingly subjected his tenants to Pimienta’s deceitful and unscrupulous practices, all in the name of maximizing his profits.”


Quote from CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, “We thank Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for working with us to protect tenants from Michel Pimienta. CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities has been working with Chinatown tenants who live in fear because Pimienta and his Chinese-speaking colleague incessantly call and knock on their doors to drive them out of their homes. Predatory landlords such as SMA Equities and Silvershore Properties hire these ‘tenant relocators’ and have contributed to the loss of thousands of rent-stabilized units. We will continue working with tenants, Cooper Square Committee, and the Attorney General to challenge these landlords in their aggressive harassment and displacement of low-income tenants so that we can protect our critical affordable housing stock.”

The Attorney General’s investigation into Michel Pimienta sends a clear message that tenant relocators who harass tenants will be held accountable. The tenants of Mahfar-owned buildings are sending the message that landlords who hire these relocators will also be held accountable.


Tenants of Kushner building at 170-174 E 2nd St speak out about enduring run-amok construction

Media Advisory (DOC file) | Press release (PDF file)


Village Voice
Bedford & Bowery

3rd Avenue Festival – 2014

3 av 2014

Visit our table at 10th Street, for info about tenant rights and other events and campaigns in the area, CSC-branded t-shirts and bags, and you can buy a spin on our prize wheel!

All vendor spots have already been sold. If you are a vendor, volunteer, or musician, you have been emailed any relevant information. If you would like to volunteer and have not signed up already, or if there are any issues, email Daniel at or visit our table.

MHA co-op application process

Dear affordable housing seeker,
The Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association (MHA) is no longer accepting requests for applications. We (CSC) are a separate organization from the MHA. We do not own or manage any housing, and we can not provide any input on the progress of your application. If you have any questions about the process, please contact the MHA at 212-477-5340,, or For more affordable housing opportunities throughout NYC, click here.

Guaranteed Inclusionary Zoning Policy would create more affordable housing!

High rises in Greenpoint, where fewer affordable apartments were created than had been projected. Matthew Schuerman, for WNYC

Have you been following the great work that ANHD and City Councilmember Brad Lander have been doing around Guaranteed Inclusionary Zoning? Let’s insist that our electeds adopt this affordable housing policy! See below for press coverage:

WNYC: Report: Bloomberg Housing Policy Falls Short

PIX11: ANHD’s Barika Williams discusses proposal for seperate entrances for rich and poor tenants in luxury UWS condo

NYT: Report Finds a City Incentive Is Not Producing Enough Affordable Housing

Our Annual 3rd Avenue Festival is tomorrow!

2013 flyer

  • Shopping (including artisans from the MHA buildings!)
  • Food
  • Live Music (The Rod Rodgers Dance Company, Kim Kalesti, Bill Popp & the Tapes, Más Allá, The Fine Machines, and The JewelTones)
  • And we will have a table at 11th St, with information on tenants rights, Save the Lower East Side and CSC T-Shirts, and more.

Join us!!

Questions, call 212-228-8210 or email Steve.

Year End Highlights and Donor Appeal

As 2012 comes to a close, our community is still hurting in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  The Cooper Square Committee’s office did not suffer any damage from the storm but we were without power for a week, and saw our work load quickly become backlogged upon returning.  Those needing assistance included people impacted by the storm, as well as the many low income tenants who seek our help in the normal course of events.  During the past couple of weeks, we have been working with our project partner, the Cooper Square Mutual Housing Association (MHA), and with other agencies including FEMA, to assist people displaced by the storm.  We’ve been contacted by more than 20 people who have been displaced from their homes by the storm, and we are interviewing many of them with the aim of placing at least 8 of them in temporary housing owned by the MHA as soon as possible.

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Our Annual 3rd Avenue Festival

See flyer


Sat June 16th, 11am-6pm
3rd Av from 6th – 14th Sts

(CSC table @ 11th St)


Call us this morning (Friday) at 212-228-8210.
Volunteers get a free T-shirt!

We will need some help breaking down a few tables and chairs and packing up our material (t-shirts, flyers, fact sheets). It’s light work, but we need some extra hands.

Food, shopping, tenant rights info at CSC table, and live music from 1-5pm (St Marks Ensemble, Kate Vargas, Filthy Rotten System, Marcel Van Dam et Paul, Dan Piccoli Trio, Michelle Fury Band, JewelTones)

Sponsored by CSC and Clearview Festival Productions. More info: 212-228-8210.






TIME: 6:30 PM


Facebook Event here




Info Session: HUD Budget Cuts in Fiscal Year 2013

Come learn about the proposed cuts to HUD funding and how you can help protect the long-term affordability of your development.

Conducted by Tenants and Neighbors

For more information or to RSVP: Contact Katie Goldstein: 212-608-4320,ext 400 /

Where & When

Community Service Society, 105 E 22nd St (@ Park Ave.), Room 4A

Weds Apr 11, 2012, 6:30-8:30PM

Bowery Walking Tour – Sat 3/3, 1:30pm

What do. . .

Native Americans                    George Washington                     John Jacob Astor

Federal-style architecture           tap dance                  Stephen Foster              gangs of New York

streetcars          Kleindeutschland                      Peter Cooper                        

vaudeville                                    the vaudeville hook                                 Yiddish theater

Stephen Crane                               American slang                            Stanford White

Irving Berlin                                    Eddie Cantor                                      Mae West

Abstract Expressionism               Mark Rothko                                    Weegee

Beat literature                              William S. Burroughs                              Amiri Baraka

punk rock                                    the Ramones                                    Patti Smith

. . .all have in common?

Find out on the. . . Walking Tour of the Bowery

w/Architectural Historian Kerri Culhane

March 3, 2012 @ 1:30pm

Meet at Cooper Union Foundation Building

(at 7th Street)


Originally an Indian foot trail, Bowery is NYC’s oldest thoroughfare.

It was recently named to NY State Register of Historic Places.

The Bowery Alliance of Neighbors, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council and Historic Districts Council are sponsoring a walking tour of the Bowery in conjunction with the Historic Districts Council’s “The Great Outside: Preserving Public and Private Open Spaces”Conference. All are welcome on the tour, which is free of charge!

Mary Spink: In Memoriam

On Sunday, January 15th, Mary Spink, who had been battling a failing liver and kidneys, died at Beth Israel Hospital. She was Executive Director of Lower East Side People’s Mutual Housing Association, an organization that renovated and built affordable housing in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

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Occupy REBNY! – this Thursday

WHO: You, plus many tenants and advocates for working families 
WHAT: Protesting REBNY’s attacks on working families, weak rent laws and landlords’ outrageous demand for a quarter BILLION dollar tax break
WHEREThe NY Hilton Hotel, 53rd St. at 6th Avenue in Manhattan
WHENThursday, January 19th at 6 PM

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Benefit performance for Cooper Square Committee

On Tuesday, January 3rd, Other Side Productions will hold a benefitperformance for Cooper Square Committee, presenting “Accidentally Like a Martyr”, a gay themed comedy at Paradise Factory Theatre at 64 E. 4th St. The play by Grant James Varjas is “set in a bar populated by men from different backgrounds and generations who are once both regulars and irregular, the play depicts them at their hangout as they while away a seemingly quiet winter evening. Fueled by drinks and other stimulants, those gathered reveal secrets, open old wounds, and covet new visitors in a funny and poignant manner that is both original and reminiscent of landmark plays such as Mart Crowley’s “The Boys in the Band” and Tennessee Williams’ “Small Craft Warnings”, plays that served as touchstones for gay people then and now.” There will be a pre-FAB_TIX_horizontaltheater reception,with cocktails and appetizers, at 59-61 East 4th St., 4th floor loft at 6 pm, followed by the play at 8 pm. We have a few tickets remaining and are offering last minute tickets for $20 to our supporters.  You can purchase them by clicking on the donate button on our homepage.  The Cooper Square Committee is raising funds towards their plans, in partnership with the Ali Forney Center, to develop transitional housing for homeless LGBT youth on East 13th Street.

Actors & Activists: A Fundraiser for CSC

On Sunday, Nov. 20th, from 6 – 8 pm, we are holding an evening of one-woman shows by two actors and friends of Cooper Square.

Me’Lisa Sellers, will perform “Purple Passion: Visions of a New Violaceous World: The Story of Frances Goldin”, followed by Una Aya Osato, performing “Recess: Excerpts from the Lives of 7 Year Olds Growing Up in NYC”. The performances will benefit the Cooper Square Committee. Tickets are on a sliding scale of $20, $35 and $50, based on what you feel you can afford.

Tickets no longer available online; you can purchase them at the door.

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