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Homegrown – Images of the LES


Sat-Sun 8/25 & 8/26/2012
2pm-8pm (both days)

@ The 4th Street Photo Gallery, 67 E. 4th St.

a fundraiser for CSC and the Gallery


The exhibit is presented by the 4th Street Photo Gallery and the Cooper Square Committee, a housing preservation organization.

It features the paintings and photography of artists who live and/or work on the Lower East Side, and includes works by photographers Alex Harsley, Brian Rose, Barry Marcus, Carl Hultberg and David Barkin and paintings by Patricia Melvin, Myron Heise, Lauren Edmond and Maria Cortorreal.

The works, particularly the photography, span the period from the 1960s to the present, with contrasting images of the Lower East Side from the bleak period of housing abandonment and urban decay to its current state of gentrification.  The paintings range from streetscapes and gardens by Patricia Melvin and Lauren Edmond, to depictions of urban nightlife by Myron Heise (above).

All proceeds from the sale of art work benefit the Cooper Square Committee and the 4th Street Photo Gallery.  The Cooper Square Committee works to preserve affordable housing, promote environmentally green low income housing and is developing a building for homeless LGBT youth.  The Photo Gallery promotes the works of primarily minority and women in the visual arts.

The exhibit takes place during Fringe NYC on 4th, so there will be other events taking place on East 4th Street, and the street will be closed to cars during the day.

For more information, visit www.coopersquare.org and www.fabnyc.org