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Rally for Stronger Rules/Regs to Protect Tenants


Rally, 8/28/12 @ 9am @ 22 Reade St

The rent laws strengthened in 2011 are useless without proper enforcement. This NYS Homes & Community Renewal (HCR) hearing seeks regulations in line with the laws, but doesn’t go far enough to stop unscrupulous landlords from violating them. At the rally and in the hearing, we’ll demand that Cuomo champion the following reforms:

Þ Restrict increases based on vacancy improvements to combat fraud

Þ Improve oversight of MCI increases

Þ Strengthen enforcement of registration requirements

Þ Protect the rights of remaining family members

Þ Proactive enforcement of rent laws

Þ Improve tenant access to HCR

To testify at the morning hearing, call Michael Berrios, HCR Exec Asst: 718-262-4816

This rally is sponsored by the Real Rent Reform Campaign and numerous community groups including the Cooper Square Committee. Do you plan on coming to the rally or to testify? Let us know: csc@coopersquare.org