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CD2 Candidates’ tell how they will work to fight displacement and deregulation

We had a strong turnout for the District 2 candidates forum on 8/24, and we thank many of you for being part of it. Here’s a video of the entire event, and when, at 37:30, they were asked how they’ll fight displacement and deregulation, they gave the answers below the video window on this page.

Jorge Vasquez

  • Require disclosure of the principals in an LLC
  • Legislation to eliminate the landlord black list

Mary Silver

  • Require licensing of landlords
  • Reform DOB
  • She will be a watchdog re: DOB, willing to serve on a Task Force re; DOB
  • Seniors should be allowed to move to lower floors in privately owned buildings
  • Eliminate 421A tax exemptions

Carlina Rivera

  • We need to enforce laws we have and make sure we’re all having meetings like this to discuss landlords and strategize
  • Work with State and Federal officials to push for more tenant protections and resources
  • STS package was important, it took a lot of organizing, and we need to provide housing groups with funding and resources
  • We need to also expand supply of affordable housing, including supportive housing

Ronnie Cho

  • Require transparency about principals of LLCs, same as Vasquez said
  • We need punitive lawsuits against landlords
  • Vouchers for seniors so they can hire a handyman
  • City Council needs to fight back, and not focus on getting along with each other

Though many of the housing, community development and preservation questions particular to our community were asked, you may still have some questions. Below are email addresses for each of the candidates’ campaigns if you want to contact them for questions or comments: