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Albany Legislative Action Day, Tuesday, April 27th

Join a busload of East Village/Lower East Side tenants on Tuesday, April 27th to travel to Albany and meet with our Senators and Assemblypersons.  Let them know that tenants expect them to deliver on promises of stronger tenant protections THIS YEAR!!! 

With unemployment rates still over 10% in NYC, and market rate rents falling, rent stabilized rents should not keep going up, but they are.  Let’s get serious about reform of the rents laws: 1) Repeal the Urstadt Law in order to return Home Rule to NYC rather than let Upstate and Long Island decide the fate of 1 million NYC tenant households; 2) Repeal vacancy decrontrol.  Let’s stop the loss of rent stabilized housing upon vacancy, which has resulting in well over 100,000 apartments becoming deregulated in the past decade; 3) Stop unlimited personal use evictions.  The Senate failed to act on a bill to limit landlord personal use evictions to one apartment per building.  Let’s make it happen this year. 

These and other bills are on the agenda this year.  Come to Albany to learn more about tenants rights, and let your elected officials know how the weakening of the rent laws has impacted you. 

A free bus, courtesy of Union Local 1199, will be leaving on Tuesay, April 27th at 7 am from 1st Avenue and 1st Street.  Call Cooper Square Committee at 212-228-8210 to let us know if you will be joining us.