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Criteria for Joining the Board

1) What is the process for becoming a Steering Committee Member?


A) Meet the By Laws requirements re: membership in good standing (Must be a member for at least one year, and be up to date in your dues).


B) Fill out a board application form: ask our staff for one or fill this out and return it to us via mail, e-mail, or in person.


C) Meet with our Nominating Committee: Once we get your application, our Nominating Committee will meet with you to find out more about your interest in being on our Steering Committee, and explain the election process.


2) What is expected of me if I become a Steering Committee member?


A) Steering Committee Members should be willing to serve for two years, and help govern the organization, assist in planning our short-term and long-term goals and activities, set policy, and help to raise money during their tenure on the board.  Since many of our Steering Committee members are activists with low or modest incomes, we recognize that you may not be able to contribute financially to the organization.  But there are many ways you can help advance our agenda and attract resources, such as soliciting donations from personal and professional contacts, obtaining in-kind contributions of goods or services for the organization, obtaining items to be sold at raffles or auctions, or obtaining advertisers for our program journal.  These are just some examples of how our Steering Committee members have helped the organization raise money.


B) Donating some of your time.  Our Steering Committee meets once a month, and members are expected to attend meetings unless they have a scheduling conflict.  Steering Committee members are encouraged to also be involved in a committee such as Fundraising (helping with our 3rd Avenue Festival and annual gala), Publicity (involved in updating our website or brochure, flyering buildings, tabling at events, or other activities to publicize our mission and programs in the community), Housing (planning our legislative and housing policy agenda, testifying at hearings, getting petitions or letters signed), or other ad hoc committees.


No board member is expected to do all of these things, but any candidate should be willing to commit some time during the year to do one or more of these tasks based on their interests.


If you have any questions, e-mail Steve Herrick.