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Rent Guidelines Board Order No. 33

The following guidelines, established by the New York City Rent Guidelines Board, applies to leases commencing between October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2008.

Renewal Guidelines

  • One-year lease: 4.25%
  • Two-year lease: 7.25%

No supplemental adjustment.

Vacancy Allowance

Only as permitted by State statutory vacancy allowances:

  • One-year lease: 17%
  • Two-year lease: 17%
  • Vacancy allowance for sublets: 10%

No minimum rent.

Special Guideline For Decontrolled Units Entering Stabilization
Maximum Base Rent plus 150% plus fuel adjustment; or, the appropriate Fair Market Rent for Section 8 housing as established by HUD for the New York City PMSA adjusted for gas and electric charges, whichever is greater.