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Accessing archived information

For archived client information through 9/25/12:

Go to Start > Run, (or press WINDOWS+R), and enter the below path:

\Conference-b\shareddocs\Client Information\ALL.xls

Unfortunately, a direct hyperlink is not possible at this time.  Ask Daniel for assistance in creating a shortcut to this file on your desktop.

For 9/26/12 through 3/31/13, speak with Daniel, as our system is in transition.

For 4/1/13 on, click here.



For archived meeting information:

Browse to:


When you get a new meeting attendance sheet&flyer, please scan them and place in \Conference-BShareddocs. Name it “[Type] [Description] [Meeting Date in yyyy-mm-dd] N=[# attendees]“, e.g. “TA 43e1 2010-12-03 N=12