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Individual Intake Form

clients can download, fill in, and return to us

Housing Eligibility Assessment (rev 8/14/12) EV Senior Survey (60+), English Meeting Record Form



See your Paystubs  (make sure your browser allows pop-ups for this site)
(link updated for 2018)
All changes for a Friday pay date must be submitted by EOD Monday of same week, or EOD Thursday of the prior week when holidays are involved.

New employee documentation

Learn about exemptions

Insurance (view benefits and more):

CSC Mail Server (to see mail that may not have forwarded to your primary email account) Directories: CSC Staff | CSC Board CSC Quote List CSC on the Internet

Details for accessing CSC Email on Smartphones

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CSMHA Tenant Contact Info

Text Gateways, excerpted below. (source)

Carrier (find) Email to SMS gateway (e.g.: 2122288210@vmobl.com)
Alltel [insert 10-digit number] @message.alltel.com
AT&T (verified) [insert 10-digit number] @txt.att.net
Boost Mobile [insert 10-digit number] @myboostmobile.com
Sprint (verified) [insert 10-digit number] @messaging.sprintpcs.com
T-Mobile [insert 10-digit number] @tmomail.net
US Cellular [insert 10-digit number] @email.uscc.net
Verizon (verified) [insert 10-digit number] @vtext.com
Virgin Mobile [insert 10-digit number] @vmobl.com
  • Remote (c.r.c & r.c.o)):
    • Admin:
      • dir655:8747 (https://r.c.o only)
      • cloud-310:162 (CSC\username)
    • RD:
      • bk:33899
      • dt-201:33897
      • s300:33896
    • Site (c.r.c/r.c.o):
      • s300:[none]


Required Minimum Lead Times, for volunteers or publicity

  • Volunteers
    • from FAB members – 4 days
    • from CSC mbr/vols –  2 weeks
  • Publicity (Lead Time before dissemination)
    • CSC E-Mail Blast – 3 business days before blast; 1 wk total before event
    • CSC Postal Mailing (depends on number of recipients, and whether postcard or letter)
      • (standard class, for >200 recipients) – full details and translations needed 4 wks total before event (1 wk for design, 0.5 wks for printing/sealing envelopes); USPS can take 1.5 wks for mail to arrive, gives recipient 1 wk notice of event
      • (first class, for <200 recipients) – 2.5 wks total before event
    • Flyer mass production – if flyer not designed already, full details and translations needed 2 wks before flyers are needed, or if flyer designed already, finalized flyer needed in CSC office 3 business days before flyers needed (to ensure we obtain necessary paper and can surmount any printer problems)
    • Facebook post – 3 business days before post
    • FAB Screen (1st of mo.) – by 15th of prev. mo.
    • FAB blast (Fri aft’s) – by Thurs mornings
    • DYCD orgs (via Janiel) – ?



Browse office supplies | Typing accented characters | Tweak UI for Windows XP | Printer Diagnostic | Add ICS event to Google Calendar

Rent Guidelines Board – Increases

NYS Courts case lookup (Housing and more)

Furman Center – Subsidized Housing Indicator Program

Heat Sheet from Met Council

Rent stabilized bldg lookup on DHCR site

Legistar (NYC Council bills)