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Individual Intake Form

clients can download, fill in, and return to us

Housing Eligibility Assessment (rev 8/14/12) EV Senior Survey (60+), English Meeting Record Form



See your Paystubs
All changes for a Friday pay date must be submitted by EOD Monday of same week, or EOD Thursday of the prior week when holidays are involved.

Insurance (view benefits and more):

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dir655: https:iix/vii/iv/vii


Required Minimum Lead Times, for volunteers or publicity

  • Volunteers
    • from FAB members – 4 days
    • from CSC mbr/vols –  2 weeks
  • Publicity (Lead Time before dissemination)
    • CSC E-Mail Blast – 3 days before blast; 1 wk total before event
    • CSC Postal Mailing (depends on number of recipients, and whether postcard or letter)(standard class, for >200 recipients) – 1.5 weeks before mailing; 3.5-4 wks total before event (1 wk for design, 0.5 wks for printing/sealing envelopes); USPS can take 1.5 wks for mail to arrive, gives recipient 1 wk notice of event(first class, for <200 recipients) – 1-1.5 weeks before mailing; 2-2.5 wks total before event.
    • FAB Screen (1st of mo.) – by 15th of prev. mo.
    • FAB blast (Fri aft’s) – by Thurs mornings
    • DYCD orgs (via Janiel) – ?



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Rent Guidelines Board – Increases

NYS Courts case lookup (Housing and more)